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Maybe there is something inside of us that's untapped, unrealized.... & maybe it's that something that, for the first time, helps us know what it means to be human.  I believe in this something, & I believe that we can awaken it by reconnecting to our breath.

Breathwork is healing from the inside out, on a cellular level.  It is a journey to reunite with our intrinsic freedom, sort thru our broken pieces & , once again, become whole.

“The world becomes what we teach.  In sharing this sacred practice, my mission is to inspire & empower humanity to heal ourselves in harmony, to reunite with our intrinsic freedom & to develop the incredible amount of agency it takes to congruently express our full & compassionate truth in this world.”

If this practice is calling to you, please explore the offerings below & select a session that feels aligned.  It would be my honor to guide you on a journey in reconnecting to your breath.


You are your own medicine.

Meditative Session

Meditative breathwork is DOPE.  These hour-long sessions are conducted one-on-one, with a trauma-informed facilitator (in this case me, Jessi.)  The experience is scientifically designed to bypass the conscious mind & deactivate the sympathetic nervous system, invoking a deep state of relaxation, where one can access non-ordinary states of consciousness & feel uninhibited to express any emotions or physical sensations that arise. (Like a psychedelic experience, just without the plants.) The journey is experienced lying down, in a sacred space, to promote the potential for deep healing & personal transformation. The actual breathing portion lasts between 25 & 35 minutes.


Meditative sessions are open to all experience levels & highly recommended for anyone who breathes.

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Breathwork Workshop

Workshops are like meditative sessions, but with tribe. Whether this is your first breathwork experience or your 17th, these magical connection portals offer powerful healing potential. Each workshop is an hour long, conducted in a small group, crafted with an intention & open to anyone who breathes.  Curated with music & specific breath patterns to support the intention, workshops are safe containers to explore & innerstand our deepest desires.


I'll start by briefly nerding out on how breathwork is unique in its ability to heal trauma & what makes it one of the most powerful biohack/neurohacks.


After teaching the breath patterns & taking questions, I'll invite you into the sacred space you prepared in advance. I'll begin by guiding you through a meditation, supporting your transition into the breath portion, which will last between 25 & 35 minutes. After which, I'll invite you back into your bodies, anchoring in the experience & welcoming you back into the container. We will open up for anyone who would like to share about their experience before closing out.


Although you will be breathing with a group, this is still very much a personal experience. Each person is fully immersed in their own journey.  When offered via zoom, I do require cameras on in order to responsibly hold space while you access these parts of yourself.

If this experience calls to you, I invite you to honor that intuition & lean in!

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in-person group offerings

If you're seeking group facilitation

(i.e. retreat offerings, employee wellness, client appreciation events etc.) please inquire with Jessi via text at


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