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It's no secret, our tribe is overflowing with the fiercest hearts and minds we've found in Salt Lake. As much as we might want to keep our people to ourselves- we want to do everything in our power to build our tribe up. Here are our queens.

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Carrie creates our visual magic. She's responsible for our photography, brand aesthetic, web design, and gently guiding us to excavate our story on the deepest levels. She creates brands from the inside out. If you're looking to brand/ birth your business- Carrie's your girl.

Kambria Davis

Kambria is the founder of KAYA. (Kome As You Are) She seeks to inspire others to discover their higher selves, build connection between communities, and improve the world as a whole.

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Shantel Rietz

It's true, Shantel is Mrs Premiere World, but she's so much more than that title. She's our fitness guide, our light-hearted captain of silliness, and an overall badass who sings her joyous vision with clarity.

Lesha Nelson

Lesha is our multi-faceted mental health guru. She's a spiral practitioner, a womb worker, an ancestral trauma healer, and a compassionate guide.

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Carly Browness

Carly makes us pretty. She's an artist and permanent cosmetics are her medium.

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